Foot Casters/ Leveling Casters

Established in 1978, PIK INDIA Caster Manufacturing Factory is located in the Gurgaon India, specializing in designing and producing different kinds of  casters and wheels. Our casters are widely used in shopping trolleys,furniture,medical instruments,handcart industrial apparatus and rack,etc.

With the history of more than 40 years,our factory has developed one of the most excellent manufacturers of casters in India.Our company has passed the evaluation of ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification .

Foot casters / Leveling casters are integratedinto the design of automation enclosures, conveyor stands, work stations, manufacturing and assembley machinery in many industries.

Foot caster/ leveling caster are innovated multifunctional product.Moving a piece of equipment into a desired location, applying a wheel braking mechanism, and setling the unit in exact position is easier said than done. Foot caster/ leveling caster offer a smart solution.

Once positioned in exact spot of operation, the anti vibration foot/pad is lowered and the caster wheel is lifted off the ground, making the equipment completely stationary. This pad allows mirror adjustments in leveling requirements. When your equipment need to be moved out of the way, just raise the ant vibration foot/pad and push it easily to new location.
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Foot Caster
Code: 3503 (PF 40)
Foot Caster
Code: 3503 (PF 60)
Foot Caster
Code: 3503 (PF 80)


Product Name : Foot Caster/ Leveling Caster
Product Key : 3503
Dia : 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm
Type : Plate

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