Bowling Wheel

Pik India offers wheels casters castors made from Hard-rubber, Neoprene, Advanced Elastomers, Mold-on rubber and Polyurethane, Thermoplastic rubber, Phenolic, Polyolefin, and cast iron semi steel materials.Our custom formulated Neoprene outlasts and outperforms ordinary rubber wheels. Available in all sizes, either in black or non-marking gray, and combined with either ball bearings, roller bearings, or self-lube bushings.Pik India an ISO 9001:2000 certified company :is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of high quality Bowling Wheel. Also known by the names of Bowling Wheel,Cricket Bowling Wheel.

We provide Bowling Wheel,Tennis Bowling Wheel, Cricket Bowling Wheel, Hockey Bowling Wheel, Ball Throwing Wheel which are made of PU(Polyurethane).These PU wheels are offered in all colours,sizes and hardness as per the requirements of our clients. We make our products available in all sizes . These polyurethane wheels are widely used in Tennis Bowling Machine, Cricket Bowling Machine, Hockey Bowling Machine, Ball Throwing Machine. Our products in this range are offered in competitive prices to our customers across the globe.

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